Clandestine 3-Pack (Ruled)

Product image 1Clandestine 3-Pack (Ruled) - Division and Co.
Product image 2Clandestine 3-Pack (Ruled) - Division and Co.
Product image 3Clandestine 3-Pack (Ruled) - Division and Co.
Product image 4Clandestine 3-Pack (Ruled) - Division and Co.

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There’s more than meets the eye to this new limited edition. Appearances can be deceiving, but let’s start there anyway. This release has a sleek, mysterious feel, fitting for an edition all about secret codes and ciphers. The covers are made from Mohawk’s Via Antique Vellum in a surreptitious “Urban Gray.” The fronts feature black metallic Crown foil laid atop an enigmatic, dark matte surface. This is the “Clandestine” Edition.


On the surface, it’s every bit as attractive and useful as any of our notebooks. But there’s quite a bit more to this 3-Pack, and as much as we want to tell you about it, we’re bound to secrecy for now. With cleverness, patience, and some luck, you just might unlock the secrets within the books, allowing you to fill out your F.I.E.L.D. Agent ID Card, and (whispering now…) preparing you and your fellow agents for a bigger mission outside the books.

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